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"I have just read Monica Solon's incredibly thorough and detailed report on the book. (...)  Especially thanks to her own commentary, I could really see its potential and I'd certainly like to be afforded the chance to write a screenplay."

Gilbert Adair (1944-2011), escritor e roteirista de The Dreamers (Os Sonhadores), dirigido por Bernardo Bertolucci,

sobre sua possível participação como roteirista na adaptação do livro Favela High Tech.



"I knew Monica was a natural script editor when I taught her at Winchester University.  She has in-born empathy.  She had the knack of drawing good work from her fellow students:  getting them to see the full potential of their early held-formed ideas.  This was confirmed professionally when she joined my agents - Blake Friedmann in London - as a reader.  Again, even prickly writers - and I count myself among the prickliest - were more than happy to be guided by her.  I also found it so when we collaborated on an adaptation of Nathalie Abi-Ezzi’s novel, A Girl Made of Dust, which we hope goes into production in the Middle East in 2015."

Steve Hawes, dramaturgo e roteirista



"Monica Solon me ajudou a destravar uma história complexa, que pretendia contar, com sua visão simples e aguçada. Tem um currículo invejável, e alia altas dosagens de conhecimento técnico com igual volume de paixão. O único risco que a gente corre, ao dividir uma história com a Monica, é o de se perder no encantamento pela profissional competente e generosa que ela é."

Márcia Savino, escritora



"Monica Solon's analysis of my feature script demonstrated a brilliant ability to home in on the exact areas that require development. Her notes brought to the fore a number of issues that I knew deep down needed to be resolved but had pushed to the back of my mind. Monica also offered an entirely fresh and enlightening perspective that allowed me to develop my story in ways I would otherwise never have dreamt of."

Owain Gillard, roteirista






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